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Hamburger Meat Press

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Make your own hamburgers at home ! 

1. 3 in 1 Hamburg maker, a professional design gadget, has 3 different functions. The main three functions of the separate filling Hamburger Press are the extra Mini Burger mold, innovative design, the best filling burger and the removable bottom, keeping the pie in the same shape as you form.

2. Non-sticky coatings - simply speaking, special hamburger printing materials can create Hamburg shapes and do not need to worry about removing them. Meat will not stick to durable non BPA sticky plastic.

3. Unique and innovative design the simplest way to make hamburgers. Our brand offers the best and unique multi-function hamburger patties. As with other products, the design we produce helps you remove the Perfect Hamburger from a hamburger printer without the use of a auxiliary kitchen tool because it has a detachable bottom.


Name: manual Hamburger Meat Press Maker
Material: ABS
Size: 125*125*58mm/4.92*4.92*2.36"
Weight: 173g

How to Use:

Make delicious burgers stuffed with your favourite flavours in three easy steps.
Add about 1/3 pound of ground meat to the base cup.
Compress the meat with the press top to create a pocket for the stuffing ingredients.
Add stuffing ingredients and top off with another 1/3 pound of meat. Use the press cap to seal the meat and form the perfect patty