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Multi Collagen Powder - 200g

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Collagen Protein Powder (200g) - Grass Fed Grass Finished - 96% Pure Protein

NXGEN Multi Collagen Powder is a premium blend of different types of collagen to assist with better skin, hair and nails, for stronger joints and to support connective tissue health including, ligaments and tendons. NXGEN Multi Collagen is 100% natural wholefood and ultra low molecular weight. Not all collagen brands are equal. The molecular weight of collagen powders can vary. The higher the molecular weight the lower the efficacy. Many brands only use the skin (corium) to make collagen. NXGEN collagen is made from multiple sources of collagen (skin, bone, cartilage, tendons, etc).

As the most abundant protein in your body, collagen accounts for approximately 30% of your protein mass. It’s mostly found in connective tissues like skin, joints, bones, and teeth, and it provides structure, strength, and stability. The main amino acid in collagen is glycine. Glycine has been studied to have many benefits from helping with sleep, athletic performance, calming the brain, supporting a healthy inflammation response, benefitting digestion, and more. Glycine is also one of the key amino acids in the body’s production of glutathione, which is a major antioxidant and plays a key role in the detox pathways of the liver.

NXGEN Clean Food Certification TM, means all batches have been tested and passed for PURITY, using independent third party NATA approved Laboratories for microbial testing, heavy metals, GMO's, and glyphosate.

NXGEN Multi Collagen Protein Powder is sourced from pasture raised animals, bones, skin, tendons, cartilage. Collagen peptides in this form is backed by science to improve skin hydration, reduce bloating, reduce cellulite, strengthen and thicken hair, strengthen nails, strengthen connective tissue and assist with healing the gut lining to restore microbiome levels in the gut. NXGEN Multi Collagen is ultra low molecular weight collagen for improved absorption, to make it easy for cells to absorb amino acids and use the building blocks of life (amino acids) to help restore collagen levels in the body.

The true test for quality collagen is to add it to cold water. It should dissolve readily in cold water when stirred and have no offensive taste or odour. Always beware of brands that add other ingredients to their collagen as this is usually done to mask odour or taste and quality.

Adding Australian Made NXGEN Grass Fed and Grass Finished Multi Collagen (one desert spoon full 10G) to any beverage, hot or cold, is the best way to begin feeling the benefits of collagen. Multi Collagen can be added to yoghurts, drinks, to support your own collagen production, bones, joints and connective tissue. 10G of collagen two to three times a day will assist with reducing inflammatory issues, such as joint pain, IBS and other gut related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Collagen Work?

When we get to the mid twenties, collagen production begins to diminish so just like lacking vital nutrients, we need to supplement with added amino acids and proteins to support our own collagen production as we age, so our bodies don't become frail. For our skin, joints, tendons and ligaments to stay in good shape they need support.

What makes collagen so good?

Collagen is gluten and dairy (lactose) free and the amino acids in collagen are important for strength, firmness and elasticity of our connective tissues, not only in our skin, but also in our bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, nails, teeth and organs, including our entire digestive system. The amino acids in collagen are the building blocks of these structures and help maintain a healthy body.

Collagen is often lacking in the daily diet and the specific amino acids balance the protein-amino acid intake. This is specifically due to the L-Methionine and Glycine ratios. Collagen is very rich in the latter.

Is your collagen tested for heavy metal?

Absolutely, quality control, product safety and transparency is paramount. All batches have a certificate of analysis, with testing by an independent laboratory. This is how we ensure quality! The typical values of heavy metals in our collagen hydrolysate:

Arsenic (As) < 0,10 mg/kg = < 0,1 PPM
Cadmium (Cd) < 0,01 mg/kg = < 0,01 PPM
Lead (Pb) < 0,10 mg/kg = < 0,10 PPM

How did our Ancestors benefit from collagen?

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors, ate much more collagen than we do today. This was due to their high dependency on animal food. Our Ancestors are nose to tail, hoof to horn, wasting no part of the animal. They had no refrigeration and cooked and cured, they ate the whole animal, sinews, cartilage, skins and connective tissues, everything that was healthy; even the bones were consumed or made into tools/weapons. Sea or land animals or a combination of both: eating from nose to tail was the norm!

What is nose to tail eating?

In prehistoric times, our Ancestors ate the fats, organs, glands and collagen tissues, to thrive, and survive. A significant proportion of animal food sources provided nutrient-rich and collagen-rich tissues. In the modern world, we generally eat mostly lean muscle meat. We gave up eating nose-to-tail decades ago. Collagen or organ meat is increasingly popular for nutritional value once the power house food of our Ancestors.

So the difference between historical and modern daily collagen consumption is striking. Vegetarians and vegans consume even less collagen. From a paleo perspective, which promotes the nose-to-tail eating concept, it is important to eat enough collagen.

Is this collagen from Organic Farms?

Yes, NXGEN source material from farms that exceeds the Australian Organic Standard, from Grass Fed Pasture Raised Farms. No material from Feedlot Cattle is used in NXGEN ingredients. All the ingredients selected for use in NXGEN product must first and foremost be from 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Cattle, grown on regenerative farms, free of pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, drenches and other chemicals.

Have the cattle been injected with mRNA vaccines?

No, the cattle haven't been injected with vaccines. The farmers protect their cattle herds by attending to the environment and ecosystem in a responsible manner, strict biosecurity measures are taken to ensure visitors do not carry diseases on to the farms.

NXGEN Wholefoods are specialists in manufacturing premium collagen. Their manufacturing site is based in Bathurst NSW Australia.


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