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Organic Beef Organ Powder - 180g

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Organic Beef Organ Powder (180g) - Sourced from Australian Regenerative Farms

Premium quality nutrition from nature.  When you are consuming raw beef organs you want a company and brand you can trust with the highest of any quality standards and third party tested for purity.  

NXGEN Lake Eyre Organic ingredients are sourced from Australian Regenerative Farms in Lake Eyre Central Australia.  Free of antibiotics, no hormones, no chemicals, no GMO's, no glyphosate, 100% organic, grass fed and grass finished.  No allergens, gluten free and dairy free.

Combining ancient wisdom with food science and health. This Organic Organ Blend from Australia's finest beef cattle, contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals from nature's healthy soil and native plants. Our ancestors recognised the healing benefits of organ meats and recently science has proven what our ancestors always believed, that organ meats are one of nature's most powerful superfoods. Consuming liver, heart, and kidney assist the same human organs and contributes to improved energy, immunity and vitality.


  • A blend of heart, kidney, and liver, for a complete range of nutrients.
  • Made from only ingredients from Australia‘s untouched Ancestral land of Lake Eyre where cattle graze freely for thousands of miles on native grasses.
  • Raw freeze-dried so that vitamins, minerals and cofactors are preserved in their highest possible concentrations.
  • Rich in natural vitamin A, B12, CoQ10 and selenium.
  • Contains natural heme iron, which supports red blood cell production.
  • Guaranteed free of pesticides, herbicides, fillers, hormones and GMOs.
  • Liver assists methylation, reduces inflammation, improves skin health, assist iron mobilisation, provides heme iron for people with anaemia.
  • Heart supports mitochondria as it is high in CoQ10.  Heart also provides collagen to slow the ageing process and provides cofactors, vitamins and minerals to increase energy levels.
  • Kidney provides targeted support for kidney and the urinary tract health.

Liver is the most widely used glandular supplement. The liver is the enzyme factory of the body removing and transforming toxins into the bile.  Feeding the liver with like for like peptides can help when other approaches have not been effective. Historically, bovine liver has also been used for some enlarged livers, forms of anemia, and for support when chronic degenerative diseases are encountered.

Cardiovascular glandulars are normally made from bovine heart. This tissue is sometimes used by people with low blood pressure, overwhelming fatigue, people who need strength, people who feel cold, and athletes interested in improved performance. It is normally best not to take heart tissue late in the day (at breakfast and lunchtime is best for most people), as any heart glandular support product can affect sleep if taken late in the day. Heart tissue, if appropriate, tends to show its benefits rather quickly (within a week or two for most people), though this varies. Heart tissue has historically also been used as an aid in glucose uptake and the manufacture of ATPs [6].

Kidney glandulars are used for assisting with Histamine Management, having the important enzyme Diamine Oxidase.  Kidney also contains the most natural amount of selenium than any other food.  Selenium supports thyroid health.   

Beef Organ Mix from NXGEN Wholefoods is the ultimate nutritious combination of three organs. The comprehensive micronutrient profile and richness of this natural blend nourishes the body in many ways. Each organ contains naturally balanced and synergistic vitamins and minerals, but that's not all! Each organ also contains other organ-specific nutrients, such as peptides, purines, choline, enzymes, CoQ10, precursors of DNA and RNA. 

With our Beef Organ Mix, you get a natural shortcut to diverse and bioavailable nutrients that you simply won't find in other food products.

There is now no excuse not to feed the family a nose-to-tail diet with the beef organ mix from NXGEN Wholefoods. Our 100% natural organic certified organs come from 100% grass-fed cattle and cover much of the "nose-to-tail" concept.

Mums and Dads are feeding organ mix powders to their families daily, adding it to honey and apple purée and shakes or savoury dishes.  It is important to return to Ancestral habits and eat the whole animal not only muscle meat, but also starchy parts like organs and glands, just as nature intended!

Why NXGEN Lake Eyre Organic?

Our products of the highest quality and standard.  We are the only Australian company that manages the complete supply chain from farm to you.  We select and buy the best organ meat and carry out the freeze drying using the best drying profiles to retain the nutrients of raw organ meat, while ensuring 100% purity and safety.  We have our own cryogenic milling equipment to ensure the product temperature is controlled during milling into a powder.  We pack all our products in house so we know that when our product reaches our customers it is the genuine Lake Eyre quality expected - no short cuts.

Our families have been working in the Australian Beef Industry for three generations so we know about animal welfare, ethical farming practices and beef production.  All our ingredients are third party tested for purity and have no heavy metals.  We have the most stringent testing regime to protect your family and to exceed Australian Food Safety Standards.

How does beef liver  help balance hormone?

When you compare the nutrient density of grass-fed liver to muscle meat, you get:

  • 16x more vitamin D
  • 4x more iron
  • Double the selenium
  • Nearly 5,000x the amount of vitamin A
  • 5x more vitamin B12

When it comes to TRUE vitamin B12 (which is only found in animal products), the grass-fed beef liver is the richest source on the planet. That’s important because vitamin B12 is 1 of 13 essential vitamins we need to stay alive and is involved in hundreds of processes in the human body, many of which affect our hormones.

B12 deficiency can cause hormonal imbalances, but too many or too few of certain hormones can cause B12 malabsorption.

Take estrogen for instance. A 2012 study showed that birth control pills can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency, which can lead to ovulation changes, defective implantation and ultimately infertility.

The other nutrient grass-fed liver is famous for is vitamin A. Known as a catalyst for many biochemical processes, this vitamin plays a critical role in thyroid function and hormone production.

While vitamin A from plants (carotene) is a great antioxidant, most people have a hard time converting it into true vitamin A, which is what your body needs to facilitate hormone synthesis and thyroid regulation.

Vitamin A from animal sources like beef liver provides this nutrient in it’s true, bioavailable form –no tricky conversion necessary.

Why is beef kidney important for hormone health?

When it comes to your hormones, the #1 nutrient that kidney meat provides is selenium. Besides its neuro-protective properties, it is required for the manufacture and metabolism of thyroid hormones.

This absolutely necessary, yet under-appreciated mineral is needed to convert T4 to T3 as the enzymes involved are selenium-dependent. As you probably know, insufficient T3 levels often lead to hypothyroid problems.

Selenium is also lauded for its role in clearing the body of excess oestrogen – an excess that can lead to endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, and other reproductive conditions.

Grass-fed kidney meat provides these other vital nutrients as well:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc (another important nutrient for thyroid hormone conversion)
  • Iron
  • Copper

How does beef heart assist hormone balance?

Beef heart is the number one food source of copper in the world, while also providing complementary nutrients such as zinc, helping keep these delicate minerals in healthy, balanced ratios.

The benefits of grass-fed heart for hormone health, however, lies in its collagen – and therefore amino acid – content.

Collagen works to offset cortisol imbalance while also balancing:

  • Melatonin
  • Progesterone
  • Insulin
  • DHEA
  • HGH
  • And more

Collagen is loaded with amino acids, which help balance hormones, and in turn, neurotransmitters (those little things that control your mood-hello PMS). Its arginine, proline and glutamine content help produce optimal levels of hormones, while its glycine is liver-supportive, aiding in the elimination of toxic xenoestrogens.

Beef heart is also rich in CoQ10 – a substance needed and used by every cell in the body. Its role in reproductive health is particularly interesting. In fact, studies reveal that CoQ10 supplementation can help both male and female infertility. It even shows evidence of reversing signs of reproductive decline as we age.

What other nutrients are important for hormone regulation?

Many of these organs contain a rich array of B vitamins, which play a critical role in hormone health. Vitamin B5, for instance, is directly involved in steroid hormone production. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone won’t be adequately manufactured without ample amounts of B5. Vitamin B6 is also important as it binds to excessive amounts of hormones such as progesterone, helping decrease our risk for hormonal cancers.

Is there concern with cholesterol and saturated fats?

For years, we’ve been told about the dangers of cholesterol, but some extensive studies show otherwise. One was a 12-year study with over 12,000 patients that showed it was actually too low cholesterol that resulted in death. Even more studies indicate that sugar is the worst offender when it comes to heart disease. Both cholesterol and saturated fats are beneficial for hormone balance, immune function, and even neural signalling. Our bodies are incapable of producing certain hormones without cholesterol as it’s a precursor to steroid hormone classes such as androgens, glucocorticoids, and progestogens.

How do Glandular's Work?

Consuming glandulars helps directly supply enzymes. Enzymes are biological catalysts that encourage metabolic, catabolic, and digestive processes in the body. They help rebuild and detoxify. Enzymes tend to be specific, such as eye enzymes tend to help the eyes, but are ignored in the ear. Enzymes help the respective organs they are involved with function better.

Glandulars contain nutritional peptides, enzymes, and substances believed to be hormone precursors. Although some believe that oral consumption of dried glandulars is no different than consuming any other protein-containing food, this belief appears to be based on the fact that the stomach breaks down proteins into their constituent amino acids and that there is no benefit from consuming foods containing specific peptides. However, this belief ignores the fact that some ingested protein is not broken down into its constituent amino acids.

Evidence suggests that with oral consumption of glandular extracts, a small percentage (5-10%) of their peptides are not broken down into their constituent amino acids but are available for intact absorption in the small intestine. A small amount of these absorbed peptides then circulate and some of them appear to assist the human body (especially for ill persons) in performing various anabolic and catabolic processes. Howell and others have reported that the amount of enzymes that pass through the stomach is even higher (nearly 50%. Howell has also reported that individuals with significant health problems have been found to have lower levels of enzymes than healthy individuals and that oral enzyme supplementation has been helpful for many such people. Although this position is not universally accepted, a study in the Journal of Surgery showed that oral pancreatic supplementation resulted in improved enzyme and growth levels for children who had a pancreatic oduodenectomy.

“Tissue decoys”
Another interesting benefit of glandulars is their use as an apparent tissue decoy. In 1947, Royal Lee (founder of Standard Process, a well-respected supplement manufacturer) and William Hanson published a book, Protomorphology, Study of Cell Autoregulation, in which they presented their theory that when taken orally, protomorphogens (PMG) – portions of cellular chromosomes – speed the elimination of tissue antibodies. This concept is now referred to as oral tolerization and is being researched extensively in the treatment of the human autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, uveitis, and multiple sclerosis.

The theory behind beef organs & glandular or cell therapy helping to support auto immune disorders is quite simple:“When the body is attacking itself and you give a Organ / Glandular decoy, the body will attack [the decoy] material rather than the organ,” By stopping the autoimmune attack on the body’s own organs, you give those tissues a chance to recover.

This is what contemporary researchers are finding with their experiments using glandulars to combat autoimmune diseases. In the research on MS, when bovine myelin is administered orally, the autoimmune process against the body?s myelin basic protein is suppressed.


Does this product contain meat from certified organic cattle?

Yes, NXGEN beef organ jars labelled organic contain ingredients sourced from grass fed and certified organic Australian cattle.  Ingredients must be first and foremost 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished.  If the meat we source is from grass fed and grass finished cattle and the farm they are raised on is also certified organic, then we label the capsules ORGANIC. 

Why isn't there any Australian Certified Organic Number?

NXGEN source material from farms that exceeds the Australian Organic Standard, from regenerative Australian Farms.

Organic may mean the cattle have also been fed organic grains, hence we will be careful to buy ONLY Organic Grass Fed Meat.  The Australian Certified Organic Standard doesn’t differentiate between cattle fed organic grains and grass fed.  All the meat selected to use in NXGEN product must first and foremost be from 100% Grass Fed Cattle, grown on regenerative farms, free of pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, drenches and other chemicals.

NXGEN jars without Organic on the label contain ingredients from 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle, where the farmers choose not to get organic certification for the reason mentioned above. 

Have the cattle been injected with mRNA vaccines?

No, the cattle haven't been injected with vaccines.  The farmers protect their cattle herds by attending to the environment and ecosystem in a responsible manner, strict biosecurity measures are taken to ensure visitors do not carry diseases on to the farms.  


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Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Product information and statements made are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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