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  • Premium Lamb Dripping - Tasmanian Grass Fed - Best before 09/03/21-Oil & Fats-Carnivore Store
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Tassie Tallow

Premium Lamb Dripping - Tasmanian Grass Fed

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Dripping from Tasmania's finest grass-fed lamb. A fantastic addition for dietary cooking or the good ol' deep fryer. We love frying, sauteing and searing with this fat due to its high smoke point at approx. 190 degrees.


Most importantly:

A great source of omega-6 fatty acids in the form of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is 1 of 2 essential fatty acids for humans, so get into it!

99% Unprocessed:

The spare 1% is the process of gently melting down the fat and refining it into a container.

Shelf life:

Approx. 12 months at room temperature.

Keep in a cool & dry place preferably.

Note: Can basically keep indefinitely if uncontaminated by food or water.