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Clay Facial Mud with Silver - 113g

by Redmond
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Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver makes the power of Redmond Clay more convenient, portable, and effective than ever.

Through a potent combination of Redmond Clay and nano silver, it helps clarify your skin, absorb excess oil, reduce pores, remove impurities, tone, and deep clean your skin for a beautiful, clear complexion.

Just apply this simple facial mask to your skin daily and get ready to glow.

Stronger With Silver

For years, nano silver has been used for dental and medical purposes because of its anti-bacterial properties. Those properties make it a simple, clean, and real alternative to some of the chemical ingredients found in other skincare and dental products and a great addition to any natural personal care routine…..including yours! 



Water, bentonite clay, Real Salt, Organic Onion